2016 Explore and Discover

00187 James J. Willis and Jill C. Willis 2016 GCAGS/GCSSEPM Opening Session & Awards Ceremony 45 p.
00186 Jay K. Mishra and Yogesh Agnihotri New Insights into Basement Tectonics and its Control on Salt and Sediment Structural Styles in Northern Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00185 Ed Zinni The Exploration Evolution of Marmalard Field:  A Result of Improved Seismic Algorithms and Methods 1 p.
00184 Xiaodong Zhang and Michael C. Pope Surface to Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Buda Formation in West Texas 1 p.
00183 Hongliu Zeng, William A. Ambrose, and Wenlong Xu Sediment Dispersal Patterns of the Outer Shelf to Upper Slope Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group, South-Central Texas Coast 1 p.
00182 Chris Zahm, Josh Lambert, and Charlie Kerans Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Create Digital Outcrop Models:  An Example from the Cretaceous Cow Creek Formation, Central Texas 1 p.
00181 Subbarao Yelisetti, Thomas L. McGehee, and Lionel Hewett Overview of Proposed Geophysics/Petrophysics Programs at Texas A&M University–Kingsville 1 p.
00180 Liang Xiao and Xiu-Hong Xie A New Method of Evaluating Tight Gas Sands Pore Structure from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Logs 1 p.
00179 Matthew R. Worrell and Wesley A. Brown Structural, Stratigraphic, and Geomorphologic  Reconstruction of an Early Stage Pliocene Raft in Viosca Knoll–Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, Using 3D Seismic Data 1 p.
00178 HaiHong Wang, Howard Titchmarsh, Kevin Chesser, Jeff Zawila, Samuel Fluckiger, Gary Hughes, Edwin Kerr, Andrew Hennes, and Michael Hofmann Maximizing Recoverable Reserves in Tight Reservoirs Using Geostatistical Inversion from 3D Seismic Data:  A Powder River Basin Case Study 1 p.
00177 Christopher Walker and Glen Anderson Simple and Efficient Representation of Faults and Fault Transmissibility in a Reservoir Simulator—Case Study from the Mad Dog Field, Gulf of Mexico 39 p.
00176 Sridharan Vallabhaneni, Thomas D. Olszewski, Michael C. Pope, and Zoya Heidari Facies and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Eaglebine Play in Central Texas 2 p.
00175 J. Jonathan Tuck, Burabari Kponi, Thomas L. McGehee, and Mark T. Ford Optimization of pXRF Sampling Methods in Analyzing Hydrocarbon-Rich Zones in the Eagle Ford Shale 1 p.
00174 Sandra Nélis Tonietto and Michael C. Pope Modification of Pore Geometry and Petrophysical Characteristics of the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation Thrombolite Reservoirs after Dolomitization 1 p.
00173 Philippe Tissot and Anthony Reisinger Spatial Variability of Relative Sea Level Rise in the Texas Coastal Bend 1 p.
00172 Jonathan Sulaica, Juan Carlos Laya, Michael C. Pope, and Niall Slowey Facies Distribution and Paleogeographic Evolution of Pleistocene Carbonates in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles 1 p.
00171 Haibin Su and Brent Hedquist Developing Pathways to Geospatial Intelligence for South Texas Students:  First Year Results 1 p.
00170 Kenneth L. Stover and Wesley A. Brown Seismic Interpretation and Analysis of the Etouffee Reservoir Sand and the Surrounding Area in Terrebonne Parish, Southeastern Louisiana 1 p.
00169 T. Scott Staerker, Jim Pospichal, Bronwyn Moore, Matthew Wehner, Matthew J. Corbett, Christopher M. Lowery, Michael C. Pope, and Arthur D. Donovan Biostratigraphy for Understanding Stratal Surfaces and Facies Variability in the Eagle Ford Group of South and West Texas 29 p.
00168 Gordon Smith, Chris Zahm, and Charles Kerans Mechanically-Partitioned Deformation Related to    Reactivated Oblique Slip Faults, Pecos River Canyon 1 p.
00167 Charles Sheppard U.S. Exploration Success (Lower 48 Onshore Focus) 1 p.
00166 Vladimir Rybakov, Irina Mardanova, and Yingwei Yu Case Study:  The Use of Seismic Attributes to Detect Channels and Enhance Stratigraphic Trap Interpretation 1 p.
00165 Harry Rowe and Stephen Ruppel Chemofacies and Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of the Cenomanian-Turonian Eagle Ford Formation:  Sedimentation and Water Mass Evolution in the Maverick Basin, Southwestern Texas 2 p.
00164 Peter R. Rose Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Burial History, Central Texas 2 p.
00163 W. C. ‘Rusty’ Riese Geologists, the Public, and Public Policy:  What Are Our Ethical Responsibilities? 2 p.
00162 Johnathan Rice and Alexander Simms The Holocene History and Facies Architecture of the Nueces Bayhead Delta of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00161 John D. Pierce, Stephen C. Ruppel, Harry Rowe, and Daniel F. Stockli U–Pb Geochronology and Sources of Volcanic Ash Beds in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas 2 p.
00160 Melissa Pena, Symphony Ovalles, and Paul Montagna Sediment Composition in Texas Bays Related to Inflow Gradients 1 p.
00159 Jeffrey Paine and Eddie Collins Lithological and Morphological Framework of Pleistocene Barrier Islands and Underlying Strata from Surface and Borehole Geophysics and Airborne Lidar in the Matagorda Embayment 1 p.
00158 Nebechi Osia, Dorina Murgulet, and Lee Clapp Microcosm Study to Evaluate Alternative Reduced Sulfur Compounds for Stimulating In-Situ Microbial Reduction and Immobilization of Uranium 1 p.
00157 Francis C. Okocha and Wesley A. Brown Gravitational Study of the Hastings Salt Dome and Associated Faults in Brazoria and Galveston Counties, Texas 1 p.
00156 Luan Nguyen and Paul Mann Mesozoic Stretching Amounts of the Continental Margins of the Gulf of Mexico Basin Derived from 3D Gravity Inversion and Depth to Basement Mapping 1 p.
00155 Valeriu Murgulet, Dorina Murgulet, Audrey Douglas, and Nicholas Spalt Impact of Freshwater Environmental Flow Releases on River-Groundwater Exchange and Water Quality in a Semiarid Area:  Nueces River, Texas 2 p.
00154 Dorina Murgulet, Valeriu Murgulet, Richard Hay, and Alberto Mestas-Nuñez Relationships between Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and South Texas Precipitation and Streamflow Variability 1 p.
00153 Jim Moloney 1919 The Storm 1 p.
00152 Shankar Mitra and Pierre Karam Controls of the Geometry and Evolution of Salt Diapirs in Experimental Models and Natural Examples 2 p.
00151 Preston W. McLaughlin Analysis, Prediction, and Impacts of Shoreline Change Rates along the Eastern Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas 1 p.
00150 Lisa A. McLaughlin, Jonathan Sulaica, and Michael Parker Quantifying Material Removed as a Result of the 2002 Flood at Canyon Lake:  A GIS Analysis 1 p.
00149 Lisa A. McLaughlin and Juan Carlos Laya Characterization of Porosity Systems Based on Diagenetic Models and its Effect on Petrophysical Analysis in Permian Carbonates 1 p.
00148 Paul Mann and Andrew Steier Tweaking Pangea's Breakup:  Triassic to Present Plate Tectonic Reconstructions Integrating Recent Geologic, Geophysical, and Hydrocarbon Data from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Conjugate Margins 1 p.
00147 Adam Majzoub and Kevin W. Stafford Characterization and Delineation of Karst Geohazards along RM652 Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Culberson County, Texas 1 p.
00146 Allen Lowrie Regional Bathymetric Maps of the Iranian Makran Margin, a Subduction Zone, and the Northern Gulf of Mexico, a Passive Margin, are Similar from Differing Origins 1 p.
00145 Allen Lowrie Contemporaneous and Mesozoic Low Gradient Shelf Deposition across Wide Continental Shelves 1 p.
00144 Robert G. Loucks and Robert M. Reed Natural Microfractures in Unconventional Shale-Oil and Shale-Gas Systems:  Real, Hypothetical, or Wrongly Defined? 1 p.
00143 Robert G. Loucks and Qilong Fu Origin and Characterization of the Lithofacies and Dual Micropore/Macropore Network in Pennsylvanian (Early Desmoinesian) Caddo Shelf-Buildup Complexes, Stephens County, North-Central Texas 1 p.
00142 Celeste D. Lohr, Paul C. Hackley, Brett J. Valentine, and Catherine B. Enomoto Thermal Gradient Trends in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play Area:  Preliminary Results from Studies to Support Oil and Natural Gas Resource Assessments 11 p.
00141 Yi-An Lin and Guoquan Wang Ground Motions along the Long-Point Fault Derived from Continuous GPS Observations (2013–2015) 1 p.
00140 Pin Lin and Paul Mann Kinematics of Jurassic Rifting and Oceanic Spreading between the Continental Blocks of Western Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula 1 p.
00139 Samuel LeRoy, Oleg Kouznetsov, Yury Lyasch, Igor Chirkin, Evgeny Rizanov, and Achmed Radwan Seismic Support for Finding and Developing Fractured Oil and Gas Reservoirs:  The Russian Experience with 'Side-View' and Microseismic in Imaging Fracture Intensity and Hydrocarbon Saturation 1 p.
00138 David Lankford-Bravo, Muhammad Nawaz Bugti, Sharon L. Cornelius, and Paul Mann Documentation of Isolated Lenses of High-Velocity, Eocene to Miocene Limestone within Clastic Rocks above and below Allochthonous Salt Bodies, North-Central Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00137 David Lankford-Bravo and Paul Mann Improved Mapping of the Subsalt, Continent-Ocean Boundary in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Implications for the Structural Relief for Overlying Folds of the Passive Margin Fold-Thrust Belt 1 p.
00136 Sean Kimiagar Using Analogs to Reality Check Enhanced Oil Recovery Plans 1 p.
00135 Rachelle Kernen, Katherine Giles, C. Gannaway, Mark Rowan, and Joseph Fiduk Understanding the Origin of Deformed Stratigraphic Blocks inside the Neoproterozoic Patawarta Diapir, Flinders Ranges, South Australia 1 p.
00134 Timothy Kearns, Guoquan Wang, Yan Bao, Jiajun Jiang, and Dongje Lee Subsidence-Groundwater Interaction in the Houston Metropolitan Area (2005–2014) 1 p.
00133 Jeff Kao and John Wagner Examining Depositional Controls on Deepwater Wilcox Reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico Basin 1 p.
00132 Pawan Kakarla and Wesley A. Brown Geotechnical Properties of the Rodessa Formation in East Texas:  A Compressive and Tensile Strength Analysis Using Artificial Neural Network Methodology 1 p.
00131 Arthur Johnson and Michael Max Low Environmental Risk and Technology Options to Enable Commercial Development Natural Gas Hydrate 1 p.
00130 Rohan Jayasuriya, Lucy Camacho, and Lee Clapp Seasonal Monitoring of Water Quality and Wastewater Effluent Discharges along the Lower Rio Grande, Texas 1 p.
00129 Lewis Haynes and Lee Clapp Assessment of Downhole Membrane-Diffused Hydrogen for Stimulating Uranium Reduction and Immobilization 1 p.
00128 Malcolm B. Hart Problem Solving with Microfossils:  A Brief Review of the Role of Thin-Section Studies in Micropaleontology 1 p.
00127 Ursula Hammes, Raymond Eastwood, Guin McDaid, Emilian Vankov, Jeffrey Yarus, and Amin Gherabati Regional Assessment of the Eagle Ford Group of South Texas, USA:  Insights from Lithology, Pore Volume, Water Saturation, Organic Richness, and Productivity Correlations 2 p.
00126 Billy Hales, Ruben Cano, and Thomas L. McGehee Bridging Students’ Knowledge Gaps through Research:  A Case Using Synthetic Hydrogeologic Models 1 p.
00125 Kelly Haggar Legal Aspects of Coastal Change:  Geology is about 'What's a Fact?' while Law is about 'Which Facts Matter?' 1 p.
00124 Harold Gurolla, Jay Pulliam, Randy Keller, and Kevin Mickus A Summary of New Observations of the Lower Crust and Upper Mantle Structure beneath the Gulf Coastal Plain from Passive and Active Source Seismic Data 2 p.
00123 Robbie Rice Gries Pioneering Women in Petroleum Geology...The Deep and Real History 1 p.
00122 Nima Ghahremani, Yaneth Gamboa, Lucy Camacho, and Lee Clapp Measurement of Rare Earth Element Concentrations in Produced Water from the Eagle Ford Shale 1 p.
00121 Nima Ghahremani and Lee Clapp Assessment of Brackish Groundwater Desalination Concentrate as Potential Source Water for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Eagle Ford Shale 1 p.
00120 C. Evelyn Gannaway, Katherine A. Giles, Mark G. Rowan, Thomas E. Hearon IV, and J. Carl Fiduk Stratigraphic and Structural Characteristics of a Megaflap Flanking the Witcheline Diapir, Willouran Ranges, Australia 2 p.
00119 Kyle Gabb and Harry Rowe Close Proximity High Resolution Chemostratigraphic Profile of the Upper Cretaceous Formations of Central Texas, USA 1 p.
00118 Qilong Fu, William Ambrose, and Jim Barton Lithofacies, Diagenesis, and Pore Network of the Pennsylvanian Caddo Limestone in Stephens County, Texas 1 p.
00117 Greg Frebourg, Stephen Ruppel, Robert Loucks, and Josh Lambert Depositional Controls on Sediment Body Architecture in the Eagle Ford/ Boquillas System:  Insights from Outcrops in West Texas, USA 1 p.
00116 Luke Francis and Leon Dzou Geochemical Evidence of Secondary Microbial Methane in Atlantis Field, Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00115 Mark T. Ford and Thomas L. McGehee Expanding Horizons:  A Writing Intensive Undergraduate Field Camp to Prepare Students for the Future 2 p.
00114 J. Carl Fiduk, Vivian Robertson, Marianne Clippard, George A. Jamieson, and Sarah Power Extensional Salt Keels Detached on Eocene-Oligocene Sediments in the Deepwater Northern Gulf of Mexico:  Insights into Canopy Advancement, Salt-Sediment Interplay, and Evidence for Unrecognized Mass Sediment Displacement 2 p.
00113 Melinda Faulkner, Kevin Stafford, and Matthew McBroom The Hydromorphic Evolution of the Owl Mountain and Nolan Creek Provinces, Fort Hood Military Installation, Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas 1 p.
00112 Monica M. Estrada, Scott S. Fenner, and Mark T. Ford Using pXRF to Assess Heterogeneous Sample Preparation Methods:  Applications to Coarse-Grained Felsic Rocks 2 p.
00111 Ingrid Eckhoff Structural Controls on Fluid Migration in Cretaceous Strata, Central Texas' 1 p.
00110 Aaron A. Eaves and Kevin W. Stafford Delineation of Karst Geohazards along Highway 652 through the Use of Ground Penetrating Radar, Culberson County, Texas 1 p.
00109 Shirley P. Dutton, William A. Ambrose, and Robert G. Loucks Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in Deep Upper Wilcox Sandstones of the Rio Grande Delta System, South Texas 2 p.
00108 Audrey Douglas, Dorina Murgulet, and Nicholas Spalt Effects of Naturally Occurring Radium Activity and Activity Ratio Heterogeneity on Derived Water Mass Ages and SGD:  Lessons Learned from Nueces Bay, Texas 1 p.
00107 Randolph G. De La Garza and Juan L. Gonzalez A Rancholabrean Community of Giant Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus hexagontus) within Willacy County, Texas 1 p.
00106 Margaret Dalthorp and Kevin Beidelman Geologic Input in the Workover Process Provides Valuable Analysis to Define 'Sanded Up' 1 p.
00105 Chu-Lin Cheng A Preliminary Groundwater Conceptual Model for South Texas Sand Sheet 1 p.
00104 Bo Chen, Dhananjay Kumar, Anthony Uerling, Sheryl Land, Omar Aguirre, Tao Jiang, and Setiawardono Sugianto Using Seismic Inversion and Net Pay to Calibrate Eagle Ford Shale Producible Resources 21 p.
00103 David L. Carr, Kerstan J. Wallace, Changbing Yang, and Andrew J. Nicholson CO2 Sequestration Capacity Sectors in Miocene Strata of the Offshore Texas State Waters 2 p.
00102 Jacob Byerly, Brent C. Hedquist, and Haibin Su Utilizing Satellite Imagery to Analyze the Relationship between Surface Temperature and Recent Land Use/Cover Change in San Antonio, Texas 1 p.
00101 Muhammad Nawaz Bugti and Paul Mann What is the Limiting Factor for Hydrocarbon Prospects of the Port Isabel Passive Margin Foldbelt, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico? 1 p.
00100 Donnie Brooks, Xavier Janson, and Chris Zahm The Effect of Sample Volume on Micro-Rebound Hammer UCS Measurements in Gulf Coast Cretaceous Carbonate Cores 1 p.
00099 Mike Blum Predicting Sedimentary System Response to Human Activities:  The Once and Future Mississippi Delta 1 p.
00098 Thomas W. Bjerstedt, Kody Kramer, and William W. Shedd Latest Pleistocene 'Blue Unit' of the Mississippi Fan System, Gulf of Mexico 3 p.
00097 Louis Berent and Roice Nelson Lightning Sparks Interest in the Unconventional Mapping of Active Subsurface Faults 2 p.
00096 John R. Andrews, Jeffrey G. Paine, Caudle L. Tiffany, and Kutalmis Saylam Topographic and Bathymetric Lidar Applications in Coastal Research at the Bureau of Economic Geology 1 p.
00095 William A. Ambrose, Shirley P. Dutton, and Robert G. Loucks Depositional Systems, Facies Variability, and Reservoir Quality in Shallow-Marine Reservoirs in the Eocene Upper Wilcox Group in Fandango Field, Zapata County, Texas 2 p.
00094 Kyle Altimore and Kevin W. Stafford Delineation of Surficial Karst Manifestations using Photogrammetry (Lidar) in Ordovician Carbonates of Colorado Bend State Park, Central Texas 1 p.
00093 Oludamilola Olusesan Alalade Removal of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids from Petroleum Wastewater Using Sorption Techniques 1 p.
00092 Paul K. Wieg Large-Scale Depositional Characteristics of the Wilcox Formation, Central Gulf of Mexico Deepwater 2 p.
00091 John M. Swartz, John A. Goff, and Sean P. S. Gulick Depositional Processes and Stratigraphy of Heald Bank on the East Texas Inner Continental Shelf 2 p.
00090 Owen Stephens, Rafael Pinto, Ben Maxey, and Kyle Gray Big Bend:  Rapid Field Development Success through Geoscience Integration in the Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00089 Jeff A. Spencer The White Point Gassers, San Patricio County, Texas 1 p.
00088 Nicholas Spalt, Dorina Murgulet, and Audrey Douglas Variation in Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) among Semi-Arid Depositional Environments 1 p.
00087 Ross Saunders, Ahmed Ammar, Chuck Henry, Tim Wilkinson, Mike Frismanis, Mike Bradshaw, Jeff Codd, and David Kessler Revitalizing an Old Field—Main Pass 73—Gulf of Mexico Shelf 2 p.
00086 Mark C. Robinson and Roger Espinosa Utilizing 3D Pseudo-Seismic Data Volumes for Stratigraphic Interpretation and Delineation of the Carter Sand Member of the Mississippian Parkwood Formation in the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama 1 p.
00085 Gary K. Rice Integration of Independent Exploration Data 2 p.
00084 Vegar Ravlo, Pradeep Bhattad, Mark Knackstedt, and Lucy Plant Using Digital Rock Technology for Multi-Scale Reservoir Characterization 1 p.
00083 Andrew S. Pepper Back to the Rocks:  Framework of Depositional Acmes in Source Rocks of the Gulf of Mexico Basin and North Caribbean Margin 1 p.
00082 Cian O'Reilly, James Keay, Alex Fick, Alex Birch Hawkins, Dario Chisari, Jason Kegel, and Brad Torry Structural Styles and Regional Play Types in the Mexican Offshore from New Seismic Data 2 p.
00081 Martial J. Morrison, Juan M. Lorenzo, Peter D. Clift, and Kory M. Konsoer Analysis of a Discontinuity Surface within Point Bar Deposits of False River, Louisiana 2 p.
00080 Sergio Mireles, Yongsik Ok, Chu-Lin Cheng, and Jihoon Kang  Removal of Zinc from Stormwater Runoff using Charcoal Based Adsorbents 1 p.
00079 Mark J. Mihalasky, Brent A. Elliott, and Susan M. Hall An Assessment of Undiscovered Uranium Resources in the Texas Gulf Coast:  Part 2—Assessment Approach and Results 2 p.
00078 Justin Mauck and Gregory Frébourg Rafted Wood in the Bouldin Member of the Eagle Ford Formation, Walnut Creek, Travis County, Texas 1 p.
00077 David Little, Edward Smith, Jason Kegel, and Brad Torry Understanding the Complex Petroleum Systems of the Greater Gulf of Mexico Using Post Well Analysis in Both U.S. and Mexican Territories  1 p.
00076 Ajayendra 'AJ' Kumar, Zheng Gan, Lucien Morales, Ted Griffin, and John Dacy Micro-CT Imaging—A Powerful Tool for Screening and Rapid Quantification of Rock Properties 2 p.
00075 Kimberley Kuijper, Owen Stephens, and Krista Aleman Deepwater Depositional Environments and their Unique Challenges within Gunflint Field, Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00074 Kody Kramer, Thomas W. Bjerstedt, and William W. Shedd 3D Visualization and Characterization of a Mississippi River-Scale Deepwater Channel-Levee System on the Basin Plain, Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00073 Tobi Kosanke Pore Characterization and Geologic Controls on Matrix Permeability of the Eagle Ford Shale 1 p.
00072 Gary L. Kinsland, Robert Stewart, Li Chang, Doug Temple, and Mark King High Resolution Surface-Sourced Seismic Experiment to Image Wilcox Group Horizons in Northern Central Louisiana 19 p.
00071 Gary L. Kinsland and John W. Snedden Comparison of a Portion of the K/Pg Boundary Deposits in Two Locations:  Webb County, Texas and LaSalle Parish, Louisiana 3 p.
00070 G. Randy Keller, Jay Pulliam, Harold Gurrola, and Kevin Mickus An Overview of the Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Gulf Coast Region of Texas and Louisiana 39 p.
00069 S. Mohsen Kariminia, Nancy L. Engelhardt-Moore, and Russell E. Hinote Modification of the Acetic Acid Methodology for Improved Microfossil Extraction to Meet Requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry 1 p.
00068 Jerry Kapoor and Denes Vigh Full Waveform Inversion for Detailed Velocity Analysis 2 p.
00067 Jihoon Kang and Richard A. McLaughlin Passive Treatment of Bentonite Slurry Using Coagulants and Flocculants 1 p.
00066 Will Johnston 3D Seismic Interpretation of Polygonal Faulting in Upper Cretaceous Sediments, Powder River Basin, Wyoming 1 p.
00065 Leah J. Hogarth, Conrad Kolb, and Joël Le Calvez Using Crosswell Measurements to Enhance Velocity Model Calibration for Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring 2 p.
00064 Leipin He and Rex Poling Post-Jurassic Sedimentary History of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico 19 p.
00063 Kathleen S. Haggar, Les R. Denham, and H. Roice Nelson, Jr. New Lightning Attribute Volumes Compared to the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) Stratton 3D Seismic Survey 2 p.
00062 Brent A. Elliott, Mark J. Mihalasky, and Susan M. Hall An Assessment of Undiscovered Uranium Resources in the Texas Gulf Coast:  Part 1—Geologic Context 2 p.
00061 Sarah M. Dillon, Adolfo Enciso, and Mark T. Ford pXRF analysis of Heterogeneous Rocks with Respect to Sample Preparation:  Applications to Mafic Igneous Rocks 1 p.
00060 Shelby L. Davis, Shweta Mohandas, Ghervy G. Nzoumba, and Thomas E. Yancey Diatomite in Upper Eocene Jackson Group, Fayette County, Texas 3 p.
00059 Frank G. Cornish and Louis Lambiotte Hydrocarbon Traps Associated with Upper Wilcox Canyons and Seismic Response, Mid Gulf Coast, Texas 1 p.
00058 Sharon Cornelius and Pete Emmet A Geological 3D Velocity Model in Keathley Canyon and Walker Ridge, Gulf of Mexico    2 p.
00057 John Cooper, Jeffrey Hardwick, and Alexis Godet Integrated Stratigraphy of the Austin Chalk Group across the San Marcos Arch, Bexar County, Texas 3 p.
00056 Anita Chavez and Juan L. González Constraining the Thickness and Volume of the South Texas Sand Sheet 1 p.
00055 Douglas Carlson Influences on Water Quality of the Wilcox Aquifer in Northwestern Louisiana 3 p.
00054 James Brewster, Alan Morgan, and John Mims Source Body Migration, an Approximate Inversion Method for Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometer Data 23 p.
00053 Edwin Jefferson Bomer IV, Samuel J. Bentley, Kehui Xu, and Qin Chen Sedimentation Dynamics and Stratigraphy of Middle Breton Sound Estuary, Southeastern Louisiana:  Spatiotemporal Evidence for Subdeltaic Evolution 34 p.
00052 Randy Bissell The Forgotten Curvature:  Applications for the Negative of the Second Derivative to Post-Stack Seismic Reflection Trace Volumes 2 p.
00051 Randy Bissell Evolving Models for Eocene Deepwater Channel Complexes and Fan Systems, Scotland District, Barbados 2 p.
00050 George B. Asquith ‘Shale Sweet Spots’ Based on Pe Versus RHOb Cross Plots and OGIPscf with and without Using Geochemical Logs, Jurassic Haynesville Shale 42 p.
00049 Ohood B. AlSalem, Majie Fan, and Xiangyang Xie Subsidence and Burial Histories of the Fort Worth Basin Reflect Prolonged Ouachita Orogeny during the Mississippian-Permian 38 p.
00048 Juhi Aggarwal Application of Geophysical Techniques to Study the Texas Coast:  Internal Architecture of Beach-Dune Morphology along the Lower Texas Barrier Islands 1 p.
00047 Eric Zimmermann, Carlos Guzman, Mike Vercher, Stan Hewitt, Anish Kumar, Michael Mahnke, Vinay K. Mishra, Elizabeth Ruiz, and Nellyana Charmelo Geological Interpretation of Mass-Transport Deposits in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: Integrating Borehole Geology, Borehole Geophysics, and Reservoir Engineering 2 p.
00046 Chong Zeng, Shuqian Dong, Zhaohong Wu, Jean Ji, Darrell Armentrout, and Bin Wang Practical Application of Adaptive Least-Squares Reverse Time Migration (LSRTM) to Advance Field Development and Uncover New Reserves in the Subsalt Provinces 1 p.
00045 Zachary Wilson and Seiichi Nagihara Characterization of Geothermal Anomalies in the Louisiana Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico, Using Corrected Bottom-Hole Temperatures 1 p.
00044 Julie Willmore, Brad Torry, Henrik Roende, Chris Egger, and Adriana Thames Consideration to Data Driven Solutions for the Acquisition of New Marine 3D Seismic Data 2 p.
00043 Paul Weimer, Renaud Bouroullec, Veit Matt, James Adson, Aaron van den Berg, Todd Lapinski, and John Roesink Petroleum Geology of the Mississippi Canyon, Atwater Valley, Western DeSoto Canyon, and Western Lloyd Protraction Areas, Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico:  Seals, Source Rocks, Generation, and Accumulation:  Preliminary Results 2 p.
00042 Paul Weimer, Richard Denne, Eric Zimmermann, Steve Cumella, Brandon Snyder, Harrison Hirsh, Daniel Bettinger, William Gutterman, and Travis Payeur Variations in Well Log Expression of the KPg Boundary Chicxulub Deposit, Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico:  Preliminary Results 2 p.
00041 Paul Weimer, Eric Zimmermann, Renaud Bouroullec, Steve Cumella, James Adson, William Gutterman, Travis Payeur, Brandon Snyder, Harrison Hirsh, and Daniel Bettinger Litho- and Biostratigraphic Evolution of the Upper Jurassic through Top Cretaceous Section, Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico:  Preliminary Results 2 p.
00040 Paul Weimer, Renaud Bouroullec, Eric Zimmermann, Henry Pettingill, and William Gutterman Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Traps, Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00039 Paul Weimer, Eric Zimmermann, Renaud Bouroullec, Steve Cumella, James Adson, William Gutterman, Travis Payeur, Brandon Snyder, Harrison Hirsh, and Daniel Bettinger Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Reservoirs, Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 2 p.
00038 John Smythe, Henrik Roende, Brad Torry,and Richard Griffin Large-Scale Seismic Acquisition in Congested, Shallow Water Areas:  Observations from Modern OBN Data in the Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00037 Timothy Shane Geochemical Analysis of Parasequences within the Productive Middle Member of the Eagle Ford Formation at Lozier Canyon near Del Rio, Texas 1 p.
00036 Selim Simon Shaker and Walter W. Wornardt Strat-Geopressure Fairways—The Fast Track to Prospect Evaluation:  Case History from the Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00035 Selim Simon Shaker Velocity for Pore Pressure Prediction Modeling and Risk Assessment 1 p.
00034 Rudolph A. Rosen, Erin Scanlon, and Johnnie Smith Aquatic Science Education Pathway from Headwaters to Ocean is a Model for Place-Based Experiential Learning for Protecting and Stewarding Gulf States’ Freshwater and Marine Resources 69 p.
00033 Andrew J. Petty and Erin T. Elliott Hydrocarbons of the Viosca Knoll 204 Field Pensacola Clay, Upper Miocene, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, with Gas Source Implications and Trends 1 p.
00032 Sergio Perez Rodriguez GIS and Statistics Applied to the Analysis of the Distribution of Hydrocarbon Reserves by Fields and Formations in the Sureste Basin, Mexico 1 p.
00031 Rick Paige Chile Vieja Field:  3D Seismic Adds over 70 BCF of Reserves by Revealing that a 'Bald' Structural High is Actually a Small, Shale-Filled Canyon 1 p.
00030 K. Rene’ Mott, William Keller, and Mike Perz 5D Interpolation Adds Value at the Drill Bit for a Texas 3D Seismic Survey 1 p.
00029 Victor J. Mistretta Predicting Sedimentary Facies in the Gulf of Mexico Region from the Combination of Bathymetry, Gravity, and Magnetic Data using Fractal Geometry 27 p.
00028 Jean Pierre Malbrough and Abu Kabir Mostofa Sarwar Lower Tertiary Wilcox Play with Prospective Wells, Keathley Canyon, Gulf of Mexico 2 p.
00027 Jean Pierre Malbrough and Abu Kabir Mostafa Sarwar Lower Tertiary Intra-Miocene Wedge and Salt Glacier, Keathley Canyon, Gulf of Mexico 1 p.
00026 James A. MacKay and Gary P. Citron Utilizing the Kelly Criterion to Select the Best Projects when Capital is Temporarily Constrained 26 p.
00025 James A. MacKay and Gary P. Citron Stress Testing Your Portfolio of Exploration Projects 21 p.
00024 Peng Li, Michael E. Ratchford, Marc W. Charette, Bradley J. Walls, and Richard P. Philp Unconventional Reservoir Characterization of the Brown Dense Mudstone (Lower Smackover Formation), Gulf Coastal Plain, South Arkansas 2 p.
00023 Walter Vernon Kramer Preparing Del Mar College Geology Majors for a University Program 1 p.
00022 Riaz Hossain Khan, Jennifer Smith-Engle, Philippe Tissot, and Dorina Murgulet Temporal Spatial and Depth Variations of Ground Water Chemistry:  An Indicator of Hydro-Geochemical Evolution in Shallow Coastal Aquifers, South Texas 1 p.
00021 Jason Kegel, Daniel Chaikin, and Brad Torry New Insights from 3D Data over an Extinct Spreading Ridge and its Implications to Deepwater Offshore Exploration 1 p.
00020 Robert M. Ivy and Gary L. Kinsland Regional Subsurface Investigation of the Uppermost Cretaceous of Northern Louisiana  1 p.
00019 Brian B. Hunt, Alex S. Broun, Douglas A. Wierman, David A. Johns, and Brian A. Smith Surface and Groundwater Interaction along Onion Creek, Central Texas 33 p.
00018 Aubrey Hepler, Shuhab Khan, and John B. Anderson Imaging the Internal Movements of Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula with Ground Penetrating Radar  1 p.
00017 Erik S. Heider and David T. King, Jr. Early Modification Stage Emplacement of Shallow Crater-Filling Units, Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama 1 p.
00016 Douglas W. Haywick, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and Richard Keyes Petrographic and Faunal Characterization of Monteagle and Hartselle-Equivalent Strata in Northeastern Alabama 2 p.
00015 Kelly Haggar New Geohazard Tools, Coupled with Lessons Learned in System Safety, Will Improve Infrastructure Safety which Engineering cannot do Alone 1 p.
00014 Jason D. Fisher and David T. King, Jr. Lower Tertiary Submarine Fan Deposits in Southern Belize 1 p.
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00007 Douglas Carlson Global Climate Change Depends on More than Combustion of Fossil Fuels 1 p.
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00001 James J. Willis and Jill C. Willis Creation of the GCAGS Explore & Discover Website 7 p.


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