Past Recipients of the Grover E. Murray Best Published Paper Awards

First Place
Second Place
Third Place
W. W. Hay, S. W. Wise, Jr., and R. D. Stieglitz
J. B. Dunlap, Jr.
W. L. Fisher, C. V. Proctor, Jr, and W. E. Galloway
R. W. Maxwell, Jr.
C.W. Poag
E. A. Shinn
W. F. Tanner
A. E. Weidie, J. L. Wolleben, and E. F. McBride
P. A. Thayer and D. A. Textoris
W. F. Tanner
R.J. Moiola and A.B. Spencer
P. A. Thayer and W. J. Cleary (tie); E. O’Donnell, and A. P. Wright (tie)
G. M. Friedman
W. F. Tanner and C. R. Berquist
R. J. Moiola, D. Wiser, and A. B. Spencer
J. L. Wilson and M. E. York
K. F. Wantland
W. C. Isphording
C. J. Stuart and C. A. Caughney
R. R. Berg and R. R. Powell
C. W. Poag and P. C. Valentine
C. D. Winker and J. D. Howard
W. C. Isphording and V. R. Baker
R. M. Looney
A. Thomson
C. W. Poag
J. A. Schiebout
L. C. Price, J. L. Clayton, and L. L. Rumen
C. W. Poag and R. C. Tresslar
R. E. Casey, L. W. Gust, R. A. Reynolds, D. H. Williams, L. W. Gust, R. A. Reynolds, D. H. Williams, A. Levesley, T. Duis, and J. M. Spaw
A. W. Cleaves
I. L. Van Heerden and H. H. Roberts
T. A. Hansen
E. G. Otvos and  W. E. Howat
D. W. Harrelson and J. A. Saunders
W. T. Tanner
R. L. Adams
S. Q. Breard, A. D. Callender, and M. J. Nault
E. C. McDade, R. Sassen, L. M. Wenger, and G. A. Cole
M. D. Blum and D. M. Price
R. A. Eustice and L. S. Land
H. H. Roberts, A. Bailey, and G. J. Kuecher
S. Q. Breard and G. L. Stringer
R. A. McBride and M. R. Byrnes
C. C. Smith
S. Q. Breard, A. D. Callender, Jr., and M. J. Nault
Harry H. Roberts
P. Hansley
Jeffrey S. Hanor
Boashun Fu and Paul Aharon
Paul N. Lawless, Richard H. Fillon, and Rome G. Lytton, III
Jiafu Qi, Jack C. Pashin, and Richard H. Groshong, Jr.
Ralph A. Nolte and D. Joe Benson
Antonio B. Rodriguez, John B. Anderson, and John Bradford
Ciaran J. O’Byrne, Joydeep K. Halder, Arthur E. Berman, Richard Klecker, and John Martinez
David Fugitt, Charles E. Stelting, William J. Schweller, James E. Florstedt, Gary J. Herricks, and Michael R. Wise
Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping, Joel Bellucci, Graham Woody, and Thomas J. Lee
Richard H. Fillon and Paul N. Lawless
H. E. Denman and J. A. Adamick
Marc B. Edwards
Edward M. Norood and Lise Brinton
Ernest A. Mancini and William C. Parcell
Ezat Heydari and Roger N. Townsend
Charles Kerans
Alton A. Brown
James C. Gibeaut, Roberto Gutierrez, and Tiffany L. Hepner
Richard H. Fillon
W. Joe Lambert, Paul Aharon, and Antonio B. Rodriguez
Donald A. Goddard and Ronald K. Zimmerman
Brian E. Lock, Ashley Walker Fife, and B. Elizabeth Anderson
David T. King, Jr., Kevin O. Pope, and Lucille W. Petruny
Alan Lowrie and Evgenii Koslov
Robert Wellner, Rick Beaubouef, John Van Wagoner, Harry Roberts, and Tao Sun 
William C. Dawson and William R. Almon
James M. Coleman, Oscar Huh, DeWitt Braud, Jr., and Harry Roberts 
Van S. Mount, Arnold Rodriguez, Ahmed Chaouche, Steven G. Crews, Peter Gamwell, and Patricia Montoya
Dengliang Gao (two papers)
Michael J. Quinn
Lowell E. Waite, Robert W. Scott, and Charles Keran
Brian E. Lock, Fleur S. Bases, and Robert A. Glaser
Frank G. Cornish and Robert W. Parker
Todd Greene, Rich Drumheller, Todd Butaud, Arnold Rodriguez, and Brian O’Neil
Linda McCall, James Sprinkle, and Ann Molineux
Shirley Wade
Bryan P. Stephens
Minghua Ren, Robert Stern, Brian E. Lock, Randy Griffin, Elizabeth Y. Anthony, and Ian Norton
Robert A. Morton and Charles W. Holmes
Andrea D. Cicero, Ingo Steinhoff, Tony McClain, Kimberly A. Koepke, and Jim D.
Dezelle tie with David R. Spain and Glen A. Anderson
Leonardo Macelloni, Simona Caruso, Laura Lapham, Carol Lutken, Charlotte
Brunner and Allen Lowrie
Robert G. Loucks, Robert M. Reed, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Ursula Hammes
Erik A. Kneller and
Christopher A. Johnson

Mark G. Rowan and
Kerry F. Inman

Peter Birkle, Miguel Ángel Lozada Aguilar, Esteban Soriano Mercado, and José de Jesús Torres
Jeffrey A. Nunn 

Brian B. Hunt, Brian A. Smith, and Nico Hauwert

William A. Tedesco and R. P. Major 
Thomas E. Ewing

Malcolm B. Hart, Peter J. Harries & Andrés L. Cárdenas, David T. King, Jr. and Lucille W. Petruny

Brian E. Lock, Joseph W. Grimball and Jack G. Johnson

Kathleen S. Haggar, Les R. Denham, and H. Roice Nelson, Jr.

C. Hans Nelson and John E. Damuth

Erik Scott and Wayne Abraham


Kathleen S. Haggar, Les R. Denham, and Louis J. Berent

Elizabeth Ann Watkins, Julio Tamashiro, Mercelo Cristian, Torrez Canaviri, Nicolas Martin, Eldar
Guliyev, Renato Leite, Nhom (Vince) Nguyen, Abayomi Aina, and Mauro R. Becker

Christopher D. Walker, Glen A. Anderson, Paul G.
Belvedere, Alison T. Henning, Francis O. Rollins, Eric Soza, and Shalina Warrior


Erik S. Heider and David T. King, Jr.

Douglas W. Haywick, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and Richard Keyes

Brian B. Hunt, Alex S. Broun, Douglas A. Wierman, David A. Johns, and Brian A. Smith

* From 1981 to 1991, awards were only given for first place.  Note: Prior to 2000 the awards were presented as “GCSSEPM Best Paper Awards.”


Past Recipients of the GCSSEPM Best Paper Award

Best Published Paper
Excellence of Presentation
T. A. Daws, A. V. Applegate, and J.C. Palacas
C. R. Handford
J. Mazzullo
C. D. Winker
E. C. Kosters and A. Bailey
D. B. Prior
M. J. Ulrich, J. R. Kyle, and P. E. Price
M. Kontrovitz
P. A. Thayer and H. H. Roberts
G. W. Fielder
D. F. Williams and D. M. Trainor
R. R. Berg
W. Isphording, D. Imsand, and G. Flowers
R. Lemoine (tie); E. McBride (tie)
R. Boyd and S. Penland
E. McFarlan, Jr.
R. Boyd, J. Suter, and S. Penland
H. H. Roberts
G.C. Flowers and W. C. Isphording
J. A. Pacht
B. E. Lock and C. E. Bishop
A. J. Pulham

* Before 1981 and since 1992, awards were given for first, second, and third place.
† Best Poster award to E. A. Mancini.
Note:  After 1999, the awards were presented as the “Grover E. Murray Best Published Paper Awards.”

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