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GCAGS hereby announces the creation of the GCAGS Explore & Discover website to provide a more complete archival record of presentations at its conventions, as a supplement to its Transactions and Journal volumes, to foster dissemination of its member society activities and presentations, and to serve as a general repository of Gulf Coast geoscience information.

Complete 2016 Article Series

Select 2016 GCAGS/GCSSEPM Convention Presentations
00001 James J. Willis and Jill C. Willis Creation of the GCAGS Explore & Discover Website 7 p.
00002 Khaled S. Amrouni, Ahmed S. El-Hawat, Michael C. Pope, Aimen Amer, Adel A. Obeidi, Hassan S. El-Bargathi, Ahmed M. A. Al-Alwani, Mohamed SH. Abdalla El-Jahmi, Khalid A. M. Mustafa, and Essa A. Elbileikia Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Upper Miocene Sequences of the Wadi Yunis Member of the Al Khums Formation, Sirt Basin, Central Libya 3 p.
00003 Khaled S. Amrouni, Michael C. Pope, Ahmed S. El-Hawat, Adel A. Obeidi, Aimen Amer, Hassan S. El-Bargathi, Mohamed SH. Abdalla El-Jahmi, Ahmed M. A. Al-Alwani, Essa A. Elbileikia, and Khalid A. M. Mustafa Paleoshoreline and Prograding Clinoforms of Oolitic Grainstones of the Miocene Carbonate-Evaporitic Sequences of the Ar-Rajmah Group, Al-Jabal Al-Khdar Uplift and Soluq Trough, Cyrenaica, NE Libya 24 p.
00004 Khaled S. Amrouni, Michael C. Pope, Ahmed S. El-Hawat, Aimen Amer, Essa A. Elbileikia, Hassan S. El-Bargathi, Adel A. Obeidi, Osama Rahil Shaltami, Khalid A. M. Mustafa, Ahmed M. A. Al-Alwani, Mohamed SH. Abdalla El-Jahmi, Salah S. Abdelsalam El-Ekhfifi, and Matthew P. Wehner Silicification in the Cyrenaican Miocene Carbonate-Evaporite Sequence, NE Libya:  Origin, Occurrence, Facies, and Sea Level Relationship 3 p.
00005 Khaled S. Amrouni, Michael C. Pope, Ahmed S. El-Hawat, Adel A. Obeidi, Aimen Amer, Essa A. Elbileikia, Hassan S. El-Bargathi, Mohamed SH. Abdalla El-Jahmi, Khalid A. M. Mustafa, and Ahmed M. A. Al-Alwani Distribution of Fault Controlled, Wave-Tide Dominated, Prograding Oolitic Shoals of the Miocene Carbonate-Evaporite Successions of the Ar-Rajmah Group, Al-Jabal Al-Khdar Uplift and Soluq Trough, Cyrenaica, NE Libya 23 p.
00012 Thomas E. Ewing Pliocene Sub-Willis Unconformity in Southeastern Texas:  Forebulge to the Pliocene Mississippi Delta 13 p.
00013 Thomas E. Ewing and Juan L. Gonzalez The Late Quaternary Rio Grande Delta—A Distinctive, Underappreciated Geologic System  24 p.
00019 Brian B. Hunt, Alex S. Broun, Douglas A. Wierman, David A. Johns, and Brian A. Smith Surface and Groundwater Interaction along Onion Creek, Central Texas 33 p.
00025 James A. MacKay and Gary P. Citron Stress Testing Your Portfolio of Exploration Projects 21 p.
00026 James A. MacKay and Gary P. Citron Utilizing the Kelly Criterion to Select the Best Projects when Capital is Temporarily Constrained 26 p.
00029 Victor J. Mistretta Predicting Sedimentary Facies in the Gulf of Mexico Region from the Combination of Bathymetry, Gravity, and Magnetic Data using Fractal Geometry 27 p.
00034 Rudolph A. Rosen, Erin Scanlon, and Johnnie Smith Aquatic Science Education Pathway from Headwaters to Ocean is a Model for Place-Based Experiential Learning for Protecting and Stewarding Gulf States’ Freshwater and Marine Resources 69 p.
00049 Ohood B. AlSalem, Majie Fan, and Xiangyang Xie Subsidence and Burial Histories of the Fort Worth Basin Reflect Prolonged Ouachita Orogeny during the Mississippian-Permian 38 p.
00050 George B. Asquith ‘Shale Sweet Spots’ Based on Pe Versus RHOb Cross Plots and OGIPscf with and without Using Geochemical Logs, Jurassic Haynesville Shale 42 p.
00053 Edwin Jefferson Bomer IV, Samuel J. Bentley, Kehui Xu, and Qin Chen Sedimentation Dynamics and Stratigraphy of Middle Breton Sound Estuary, Southeastern Louisiana:  Spatiotemporal Evidence for Subdeltaic Evolution 34 p.
00054 James Brewster, Alan Morgan, and John Mims Source Body Migration, an Approximate Inversion Method for Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometer Data 23 p.
00055 Douglas Carlson Influences on Water Quality of the Wilcox Aquifer in Northwestern Louisiana 3 p.
00057 John Cooper, Jeffrey Hardwick, and Alexis Godet Integrated Stratigraphy of the Austin Chalk Group across the San Marcos Arch, Bexar County, Texas 3 p.
00060 Shelby L. Davis, Shweta Mohandas, Ghervy G. Nzoumba, and Thomas E. Yancey Diatomite in Upper Eocene Jackson Group, Fayette County, Texas 3 p.
00064 Leipin He and Rex Poling Post-Jurassic Sedimentary History of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico 19 p.
00070 G. Randy Keller, Jay Pulliam, Harold Gurrola, and Kevin Mickus An Overview of the Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Gulf Coast Region of Texas and Louisiana 39 p.
00071 Gary L. Kinsland and John W. Snedden Comparison of a Portion of the K/Pg Boundary Deposits in Two Locations:  Webb County, Texas and LaSalle Parish, Louisiana 3 p.
00072 Gary L. Kinsland, Robert Stewart, Li Chang, Doug Temple, and Mark King High Resolution Surface-Sourced Seismic Experiment to Image Wilcox Group Horizons in Northern Central Louisiana 19 p.
00098 Thomas W. Bjerstedt, Kody Kramer, and William W. Shedd Latest Pleistocene 'Blue Unit' of the Mississippi Fan System, Gulf of Mexico 3 p.
00104 Bo Chen, Dhananjay Kumar, Anthony Uerling, Sheryl Land, Omar Aguirre, Tao Jiang, and Setiawardono Sugianto Using Seismic Inversion and Net Pay to Calibrate Eagle Ford Shale Producible Resources 21 p.
00142 Celeste D. Lohr, Paul C. Hackley, Brett J. Valentine, and Catherine B. Enomoto Thermal Gradient Trends in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play Area:  Preliminary Results from Studies to Support Oil and Natural Gas Resource Assessments 11 p.
00169 T. Scott Staerker, Jim Pospichal, Bronwyn Moore, Matthew Wehner, Matthew J. Corbett, Christopher M. Lowery, Michael C. Pope, and Arthur D. Donovan Biostratigraphy for Understanding Stratal Surfaces and Facies Variability in the Eagle Ford Group of South and West Texas 29 p.
00177 Christopher Walker and Glen Anderson Simple and Efficient Representation of Faults and Fault Transmissibility in a Reservoir Simulator—Case Study from the Mad Dog Field, Gulf of Mexico 39 p.

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